HEAT-INSULATING DELIVERY BOXES - COFFEE - Thermobag with rack for 6 coffees and 2 espresso
Price: 44.00 € + Tax
Code: 000027+6+2
  • Quantity:

Carries 4 coffees in large glasses (freddo), 2 medium sized (08oz 12oz) and 2 in a small glass of espresso or traditional Greek coffee.

  • Aluminum rack.
  • With extra interior textile, removable and easy to clean, offering extra thermal insulation.
  • It keeps the products at a constant temperature for 30 minutes.

    The delivery thermobag is made of closed cell polypropylene.
    The rack can be removed so that the thermobag can be used to carry food or snack.

  • Internal Dimensions
  • Length: 30.00 cm    Width: 20.00 cm    Height: 19.00 cm

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